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Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy

If you’re stuck in a job that is unfulfilling and want to find a career that not only pays well, but is also rewarding – you have come to the right place. Most of our Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy students were in the same situation as you before they came to Fremont College. Many had been at their jobs for years and were looking to advance in their current field. Some were working in a different field and wanted a career that fit well with their interests. What all of our students have in common is the talent and desire to succeed. If you like sports and enjoy helping people, our Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy degree program is a great choice.

O1 Career Overview

Are Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists in demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Fitness Trainer jobs is expected to increase 13% from 2012 to 2022.

How to become a Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist

  • Earn an associate's degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy or related field
  • Obtain hands-on practice in sports massage techniques

Important qualities of a Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist

  • Applied knowledge

    Sports Therapists need to be able to retain a wide range of anatomy and physiology knowledge. They must evaluate patients’ symptoms, consult with healthcare professionals, and recommend and administer appropriate treatments.
  • Interpersonal skills

    Sports Therapists must have strong interpersonal skills and be able to communicate well with others, including athletes, coaches, and physicians.
  • Detail-oriented

    Sports Therapists must be able to record detailed, accurate progress and ensure that patients are receiving the appropriate treatments.
  • Decision-making skills

    Sports Therapists must be able to make decisions that could affect the health or career of their clients.

What do Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists do?

Recognize and evaluate athlete injuries

  • Perform rehabilitative work for injured athletes
  • Assist physical therapists with the implementation of injury and illness prevention programs
  • Work with doctors to prepare athletes to return to activity and avoid re-injury
  • Perform administrative tasks such as keeping records and writing reports on injuries and treatment programs

Where do Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists work?

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Spectator Sports
  • Fitness and Recreational Centers
  • Offices of Physicians
  • Sports Injury Clinics

O2 Fremont Difference

Our Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy program is unique because there are few programs in Southern California that offer the same type of training. If your dream is to work with athletes by providing sports and rehabilitation therapy, then our sports therapy degree program is perfect for you. Our students and graduates tell us they were pleased to discover that Fremont Sports Therapy School offers a program dedicated specifically to sports therapy. They also appreciate the fact that the program provides numerous opportunities to practice sports massage techniques at sporting events throughout Southern California. If you like what you’ve read so far, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of enrolling in the Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy program at Fremont Career School.
    • Accelerated degree program

      The Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy program at Fremont College can be completed in just 15 months.
    • Flexible scheduling

      Day and evening course schedules to fit your life.
    • Student collaboration

      Students work together to complete assignments.
    • Career services

      Assistance with career advice and resources to help graduates find a job in their field.
    • Hands-on training

      Students have plenty of opportunities to practice their sports massage techniques at popular sporting events, including: USA Track & Field Nationals, Disney Half-Marathon, Kobe Bryant Basketball Camp, LA County Marathon, Foot Locker Cross Country Competition, and Mt. SAC Cross-Country Invitational.
    • Small class sizes

      Allows for one-on-one interaction with instructors.
    • Peer tutoring

      Receive one-on-one help from a peer tutor at no cost.
    • In-Depth anatomy instruction

      Students not only learn a wide range of sports therapy techniques, they also receive in-depth anatomy and physiology training.
    • Mentoring from expert instructors

      Industry skills and work experience enhance the classroom learning experience.
    • Training in modern computer classrooms

      Simulate real work experiences with hands-on training.

Essential courses

  • Wellness Core Classes
  • Massage Therapy Techniques
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Systems of Control
  • Swedish Massage Techniques
  • Somatic Tissues and Biomechanics
  • Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Sports & Specialized Massage
  • Eastern Theory & Practice
  • Theraputic Exercise & Procedures
  • Sports Therapy Classes
  • Advanced Biomechanics & Assesment
  • Applications of Sports Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • AA Capstone

O3 Admissions and Aids

Fremont takes the stress out of enrolling in college by working with you every step of the way to determine your career goals and help you find a way to pay for school. If you have concerns that you won't be able to afford college, our financial aid team will help you apply for grants and student loans to fund your education. We are committed to making sure that nothing stands in the way of obtaining the career you have always wanted.
  • Admissions

    Our trained team of admissions representatives will help you understand yourself, visualize your dreams, and map your career. During your informational meeting, we will help you find the associate's degree or bachelor's degree program that best fits your interests. We will also take you on a tour of the school, show you our unique learning methodology, Professional Action Learning (PAL), and discuss how easy it is to apply for financial aid. You will also discover how you can complete your education training in 15 months or less and, most importantly, which job opportunities exist for Fremont College graduates.
  • Tuition

    There are various options when it comes to paying for school. Grants, loans, education benefits for veterans, and payment plans make college affordable. Our trained financial aid team can help you apply for financial aid and will assist you through the entire process.
  • Gainful Employment

    View our Gainful Employment Disclosure that contains employment statistics for Fremont College graduates.

O4 Fremont Graduates

Your time at Fremont doesn't end at graduation. Alumni are invited back for workshops, networking mixers, and other events that provide an opportunity for career enhancement. Fremont alumni also receive career planning assistance from our career services team and have access to numerous resources to help them achieve their career goals. In addition, our employer network consists of well-known companies that have been employing our graduates for years. We have numerous graduate success stories to prove that earning a degree at Fremont College is a wise investment in your future.
  • Meet Our Graduates

    “I chose Fremont College because they had a sports program – that’s what got my attention. Every other school that I looked into only had the basics, like massage, and this was the only school that was local to me that focused on sports, and offered a lot of hands-on training. When I came in, they told me that they do a lot of volunteer work, and I’m a hands-on type of person so that got my attention.” -Miguel Sanchez, Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy Graduate 2012
  • Employer Network

    • Equinox
    • Los Angeles Sparks
    • Massage Envy
    • Cedars Sinai
    • Burke Williams Spa
    • Glen Ivy Spa