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History of Fremont College


Fremont College traces its roots to Platt College’s founding in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1879, and the Southern California branch campus was established in 1986. The most significant evolution of the College started when its third CEO, Dr. Sabrina Kay, assumed leadership in 2007. Fremont College became an innovative center adopting the framework of Work-Based Learning Leadership at the Wharton School and Dr. Kay’s thesis on improved learning through practice and collaboration.

Anyone with focus, discipline, and desire to excel deserves a world-class education and a greater life.

Dr. Kay spent six years on research that provided the foundation for Professional Action Learning®, which combines an understanding of human motivation, learning styles, and thinking patterns to create an instructional framework that improves student engagement and the experience. Fremont College’s new logo represents her synthesis of three institutions and their colors: University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, and the University of Southern California.

Fremont College’s employers, faculty, and staff believe that anyone who is committed to hard work and desire to change their life for the better deserves access to a world-class education.

An impressive group of CEOs joined Fremont College’s Advisory Board & Board of Governors to share their vision and insight to ensure that the curriculum stays relevant to today’s dynamic workplace. Fremont College’s implementation of technology and its aspiration to perfect the most effective learning model makes the students’ campus experience intense, challenging, and fun.

By combining the best techniques from multiple institutions and theories, Fremont College strives to be an innovator in professional education. Fremont College has grown in size, quality, and innovation, and new chapters are being written every day by Fremont College’s employers, alumni, students, faculty, and remarkable advisory board as they become a part of the Fremont College story.