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Your Personal Support Team

Part of Fremont’s Culture of Care involves ensuring students have someone to turn to should they have a question or concern about any aspect of their education. Each student has a team of 5-Star Advisors who will support and mentor them during their studies at Fremont College. Students are assigned five advisors – one for each area of education, including:

  • Academic Dean
  • Student Affairs Officer
  • Career Planning Specialist
  • Financial Aid Officer
  • Admissions Associate

The Five-Star Advisor is a go-to person for questions and issues throughout a student’s studies at Fremont. Students can still meet with other advisors based on availability, however, we want to ensure students have a point person to communicate with at all times.

Students receive a sticker that is attached to the back of their Fremont badge that lists the names of their advisors for quick reference. They can email their 5-Star Advisors at any time and set aside some time to get to know them better.


aaYour Admissions Associate will be available to answer any questions pertaining to the admissions process and help you adjust as a new student.

Admissions associates assist with the following:

  • Questions regarding the admissions process
  • Getting acquainted with the school as a new student
  • Discussing the next step in your education if you decide to pursue additional schooling through Fremont College
  • Questions about our bachelor’s degree completion program


faYour Financial Aid Officer will assist you with the financial aid process and help you get the money you need to pay for school.

Financial Aid Officers assist with the following:

  • Applying for student aid
  • Questions about FAFSA documents
  • Questions about existing student loans, grants, payment plans, etc.


deanYour Academic Dean will be your go-to person when you have questions or concerns regarding a specific class or your degree program.

Academic Dean assist with the following:

  • General questions about your degree program
  • Questions / concerns regarding a particular class
  • Discussing academic progress
  • Creating an academic plan to achieve your educational goals


saYour Student Affairs Officer will answer questions regarding student events and activities.

Student Affairs Officers assist with the following:

  • Questions about student events and activities
  • Suggestions for student events
  • Questions about the Student Ambassador program
  • General questions about classes and / or degree program


cdYour Career Planning Specialist will help you prepare for the workforce and obtain a job after graduation.

Career Planning Specialists assist with the following:

  • Questions regarding workshops and other career preparation events
  • Obtaining an internship while in school to acquire necessary work experience
  • Obtaining a job after graduation