Having your own digital business can open up so many opportunities for career advancement. The potential is virtually endless. Here are 10 digital businesses that veterans can start immediately on a tight budget, with minimal hassle. With an educational background in digital media, you can use these ideas to finally start creating something meaningful and capture personal goals.

1) Start Your Own Digital School

Are you passionate about digital marketing and have advanced knowledge in a particular niche such as search engine optimization? If you have the skills to break down complex information and make it easily understandable for others, a digital school may be the perfect outlet to start a business.

2) Tell Your Story Through Your Own Podcast

Do you have a unique story to tell that can inspire others to take action? With the proper communications skills and the right audience you can create a profitable business through your very own podcast.

3) Become An Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is one of the largest online distributors in the world. With just a click of a button, you can purchase practically anything you want from this online retailer. As an Amazon affiliate, you get a monetary percentage of all goods that have been purchased through your affiliate code.

4) Start a Transcription Service

Are you an accurate typist that enjoys working on your own terms with other businesses? If so, starting your own transcription service may be right up your alley. This service helps businesses convert speech into a written or electronic text document. This service is in high demand for business, legal, and medical purposes.

5) Be A White Label Mobile App Developer

Mobile technology is in demand, so are developers that have the aptitude to create applications for mobile devices on Android and Apple operating systems. Technology is so advanced that you are now able to do all of this from home.

6) Call Answering Service for a Local Business

If you’re good at sales and have excellent communication skills, you may have what it takes to have your own call answering service. This service involves in and outbound calls, order processing, telemarketing, and setting appointments.

7) Manage Social Media Accounts for Companies

The average business has two social media accounts. Many of these accounts go unmonitored because there just isn’t enough time to provide continuous content and answer question. As a social media manager, you can take over the account and provide relevant content and interact with its followers.

8) Be a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides professional administrative, technical, and creative assistance to its clients online from a home office. It’s easier than ever to take advantage of this opportunity.

9) Create A Digital Publishing Venture

An average person creating a successful publishing business from home once seemed unimaginable. That mindset changed with the creation of digital publishing. Entrepreneurs can now publish their very own e-books, e-magazines, and digital libraries from home.

10) Writer for Blogs and Publications

Many blogs and online publications are looking for writers that know how to tell a story in a clear and concise manner. With the proper research and experience this can be a lucrative at home business.


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