After a military career, you might be asking yourself, ‘Is college right for me?’ The answer is an astounding – Yes! We know there may be reservations regarding a brand new commitment. Just like your military commitment, college will help mold and shape you into a person that employers want to hire. With the leadership skills you already posses along with the skills developed in college, you will have all of the tools needed to advance within your career path. If you’re still on the fence about college, here are five more reasons veterans should look into taking advantage of the college experience.

Educational Flexibility

College is becoming more flexible for its students. It was once mandatory to sit in a classroom setting at a scheduled date and time. Classroom learning is quickly changing, and colleges are taking advantage of technology. Students can now select a college that fits around their busy schedules. This flexibility is made possible with online classes. With online classes, all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can practically learn from anywhere.

Benefits Advisors

Military veterans have the luxury of a Military Benefit Advisor. This special advisor is well versed in military benefits and will take the time to identify and explain your military benefits. He or she has been in your shoes and will have the ability to help guide you through the financial aid process and discuss all of your options. This specialized care will help give you a better understanding of the various options for government financial aid, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re fully informed.

Career Service Assistance

One of the main reasons for attending college is finding employment upon graduation. Colleges offer career service assistance to helps students get the most out of their education and help them apply it to their career choice. This dedicated help includes assistance with job searches, résumé writing, and the benefit of special workshops. All of this specialized attention will prepare students for that all important job interview and help open doors for future career opportunities.

Military Admissions Representative

Throughout the enrollment process, many colleges offer a Military Admissions Representative. This professional has the ability to go in depth and inform potential students why a college education is extremely valuable and important. They also inform those interested in college about their educational options and provide basic information, routine guidance and assistance to potential students on matters related to enrollment and the admissions process.

Academic Advisors

Once enrolled as a student, many colleges will assign their students with an academic advisor. An academic advisors is the student’s primary contact for academics. An advisor can assist students with course load planning, registering for classes and academic help. They also help with technical support, student resources, and career advising. With this specialized focus, students will have a dedicated single point of contact to access accurate information about policies, procedures and requirements. Advisors also provide motivation by encouraging students to make decisions that support their goals, abilities and aspirations.

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