Did you know scholarships and grants can help cover education costs? Despite that, many service members still don’t apply for them. In fact, the thought of applying can seem grueling and burdensome for many people. Others just don’t know all of the details when it comes to military-related scholarships. For example: Did you know more than $300 million worth of scholarships and grants go unused each year? Why not let that money work for you?

1) Military Education Benefits can Supplement Scholarships and Grants

While the GI Bill is very generous in its tuition assistance, it may not cover all fees. That means you may still be liable for books and other ancillary fees that you were banking on the GI Bill to pay. The good thing is, there are literally hundreds of grants and scholarships aimed at supplementing education costs so they don’t come straight out of your pockets.

2) Applying for Scholarships doesn’t have to be Painful

As technology progresses, scholarship and grant applications are getting easier and easier to complete. While some still require a long written essay, there are many that only require a small application to be filled. Doing your research can save you a lot of time and effort. It is definitely worth your time to go through the process. One thing is for sure, if you don’t apply you won’t receive a scholarship.

3) Locating Scholarships Is Easy

A lot of people don’t apply for a scholarship because they don’t know where to begin. They think the process is going to be too difficult so they don’t even try. Because of this fact, many scholarships go unclaimed. Military.com has made it simple to find available scholarships with its Scholarship Finder tool. It’s certainly the easiest way to find free money for college.

4) Research, Research, Research

With the Scholarship Finder tool, you are able to locate 1,000 available scholarships. That’s a lot of money waiting to be discovered. If you’re still having troubles locating a scholarship that is right for you, rest assured, there are other online tools at your disposal. These tools include search engines and military aid websites. Remember, time is of the essence. Many scholarship application deadlines are as early as a year in advance.

5) Be Open to the Process

Just because you are a service member doesn’t mean you have to apply solely to military-related scholarships. Don’t limit yourself; there are many scholarships available to the general public. You can find helpful online directories that list scholarships based on age, residence, field of study, and background.

6) Ask Around the Military Community

Some of the best resources for educational financial relief can be the dozens of service aid organizations and associations that you have at your disposal. These resources include the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. This society actually offers scholarships, grants, and low interest loans to help cover education expenses. There are many others like the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society that offers assistance to those in need.


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