Tiger Scholarship | Success story #2: Stacy Dorton
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Success story #2: Stacy Dorton

05 Jun Success story #2: Stacy Dorton

The Power of Motherhood

Stacy Dorton recently earned her degree in Fremont’s Sports Rehabilitation Therapy Program. Having to wear multiple hats, Stacy has raised four boys, graduated college, and overcome three major surgeries. This single mother truly is the definition of a super woman.

Stacy decided to try her hand at Fremont’s SRT program because her brother was a huge basketball star growing up (he is currently trying to make the NBA). Stacy was a cheerleader and played basketball and football. The thing is, she didn’t want to be a cheerleader, she wanted to be the one stretching her brother out on the sidelines and checking his range of motion and making sure he took better care of his health to avoid future injury.

Her stay at Fremont is her third attempt at finishing her education. After nearly completing a massage therapy program in Texas, she was forced to have a lump on her breast removed. Thankfully, the lump was not cancerous, but it was resilient. Despite a successful surgery, the lump grew back. Stacy once again underwent the knife. After two surgeries, months of rehab, and no time to gain experience, Stacy was a divorced single mother of four who was stuck with no apparent alternative living off the government.

That’s when she discovered that Fremont offered her another, better way. She wanted to finish school with her license, degree, and work experience so she signed up to join Fremont’s Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy program. She rocked a 4.0 GPA and completed all her coursework. And then, another lump appeared, this time on her neck. Surgery was again necessary.

“I was like, ‘not again’ please,” she said. “It just seems like every time when I get to the ending point of finishing something and now that I’m ready to work…Here goes another surgery.”

Thankfully, the lump was removed and Stacy graduated from the SRT program in June. She initially pushed through for her four boys, but quickly realized that she needed to do it for herself.

“When I came to Fremont College,” Stacy said, “And I was getting good grades, it shocked me. It made me feel like I can do it. You just have to put hard work in it and work better for yourself. And that is my story.”