Tiger Scholarship | Success story #4: Antonio Nelson
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Success story #4: Antonio Nelson

05 Jun Success story #4: Antonio Nelson

Getting on the Grind

Antonio Nelson graduated from Fremont College in July from the Massage Therapy program, which is quite the perfect contradiction since he’s also in a metal band that plays thrash and grindcore. A soft-spoken, friendly dude with a bright smile, Antonio’s favorite band is Metallica and his favorite song is Fade to Black. Asked to give a hashtag, he replied simply #grind.

Catching an interest in guitars from his middle school music teacher, Antonio’s love of music blossomed. He watched Slash (from Guns N Roses) play on MTV and soon uncovered all sorts of bands he’d never heard of but quickly grew to enjoy: MegaDeath and Aerosmith and Iron Maiden. He’s currently in a band called Life’s Infectuous and they’ve had several weekend shows to their credit already.

So, it seems quite the contradiction that Antonio’s career path led him to the serenity of massage therapy.

Antonio signed up for the massage therapy program at Fremont College after he was encouraged to by a friend who told him he had a natural talent for backrubs. He decided to check it out by filling out some job applications and was connected with Fremont. He hadn’t thought about furthering his education, but when presented with the opportunity, he gave it a chance.

“It’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made,” Antonio said.