Tiger Scholarship | Success story #1: Junior Mora
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Success story #1: Junior Mora

03 Jun Success story #1: Junior Mora

A Journey Well-Traveled

Junior Mora has traveled the path of success laid out before every Fremont College student. After visiting the campus two years ago, Junior joined the Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy (SRT) program, eventually became a student ambassador, and now is set to graduate in July. Last month, he signed his papers to officially begin work at LA Sports Massage.

This is the path that every Fremont College is looking to emulate, from the beginning to the end, the goal is a career. Through hard work, discipline, and a dedicated effort, he has achieved his goal like many other Fremont grads before him.

Junior came to Fremont and joined the SRT program because he was always into sports. He enjoyed them all, but his favorite was soccer (he’s a huge Chelsea F.C. fan). When he got injured, he wanted to understand more about the dynamics of his injury and the physical activity that caused his injury to happen in the first place.

Unlike many of his peers, Junior really took to his education with a can’t-stop-won’t-stop mentality. He went to all of the SRT events, the marathons, Mt. SAC, the UFC gym, and the Alzheimer’s Walk. He completed all of his coursework, and finished with a 4.0 GPA.

“The hands on and the knowledge, everything has been amazing,” he said. “The more you know about the muscles, the more you’re able to provide for the client.”

Junior didn’t stop there, he also took on a mentorship role as a student ambassador helping new students along with their studies, showing them around campus, and being a general guide to everything Fremont.

His ultimate goal is to be a part of the physical therapy program for a professional sports team—ideally, a pro soccer club. As an employee of LA Sports Massage, he’s well on his way.